Competition To Get Tough For Uber As Nissan Takes Trials

Nissan is soon on its way to competing for space in the private transportation services which was all along was led by Uber and other similar firms. Nissan’s partner in this venture is DeNa, one of the largest global social gaming network companies. Its know-how of user interfaces in real-time and payment methods will provide the head-start to Nissan’s project.

Competition To Get Tough For Uber As Nissan Takes Trials

Nissan aims to take on its competitor Uber by heightening the premium feel of its service rather than scoring on the price factor. One of the ways it plans to achieve this is by partnering with the experts in the field, in this case by entering into an alliance with China’s Didi Chuxing. The agreement will be to provide battery operated electric cars and explore possibilities of benefiting from the Chinese stalwart’s network as it plans the establishment of its own electric- car hailing service in China. The possibility of Nissan considering the transfer of technology to the Chinese giant for self-driving taxi cannot be ruled out.

Nissan’s ‘Easy Ride’ service is set to go operational in Yokohama in Japan in the early months of 2020. Public tests for the same are expected to begin next month. With that Nissan will be the market leader for testing its in-built software for ride-hailing on its fleet of autonomous electric cars. The ‘Easy Ride’ will resemble a mobile concierge service provider with the car recommending restaurant names while on the go.

Nissan shared the news following an agreement with its auto manufacturing partners Mitsubhishi Motors Corp and Renault SA in the earlier part of this month.

Realizing that getting a firm foothold in the private transportation sector will take time, Nissan has taken the smart move of associating with an expert in the field, the Chinese stalwart Didi Chuxing.

Bringing out automated electric cars is going to be just one of the ways by which auto makers can take care of receding profit margins in the future as the economy witnesses a spurt in services of car-sharing in addition to number of automated cars.

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