Setting A Time Limit For Electric Vehicles Is Not Actually A Good Idea

Setting A Time Limit For Electric Vehicles Is Not Actually A Good Idea

“The world is complicated,” claims chief executive and managing director at Mercedes-Benz India, Roland Folger, when asked related to how difficult will it be for electric cars in India. We are at the pavilion of Mercedes-Benz at the Auto Expo and it is predictable that the topic was shifted to electric cars. In a freewheeling and exclusive conversation with the media, Folger spoke related to how the idea of the government for going completely electric is a brave one.

Setting A Time Limit For Electric Vehicles Is Not Actually A Good Idea

“We might love to have electric cars in the country but the entire bionetwork surrounding them has to be well-considered out,” he claims. A serious element, as per Folger, is the source from where the power will be created. Almost 51% of electricity in the country at the moment is made from coal, he clarifies. What occurs when that electricity is employed to charge cars. “Electric vehicles will be more polluting if we carry on employing the similar source of power,” he claims.

Folger claims that all parties concerned require working together if the determined goal of 2030 has to be achieved. He claims that setting a time limit is not actually a good idea to start with. Although he recognizes as to why the government is making so much efforts. “For the most part, the government needs to lower imports of oil for the economy and next to clean the surrounding for lowering the pollution,” he stated. It is clear that Folger has faith in the electric push but stays a bit skeptical on how feasible it will be for the firm.

Mercedes-Benz aims to roll out 10 cars all over the world by the end of 2022 and Folger confesses that the question is how they will make it practicable for the country. “We might love to make electric cars domestically but they are too costly,” he claims. The economies of scale have to be in position for Mercedes-Benz prior to selling and manufacturing of electric cars truly occurs.

If “electric cars” is the buzzword at 2018 Auto Expo, then AI(Artificial Intelligence) is its equivalent in the world of tech. Folger thinks that while as technology and concept it sounds great but what is significant is to witness how it dribbles down to the user. “What the biggest benefit of the AI to users will be to make the vehicle fun as well as interactive to drive,” he claimed to the media in an interview.

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