People Of India Receives The Most Spam Calls

People Of India Receives The Most Spam Calls

India stands at the lead spot in the a list of 20 nations that get the largest amount of spam calls, with a handset user receiving more than 22 spam calls every month on an average in the nation. This detail was published in a report rolled out this week. The report by Truecaller, the call identification and spam detection app, exposed that Brazil and the U.S. with an expected 20.7 calls each month each user mutually grabbed the second position in the catalog. In India, many spam calls comprise promotions and selling data plans.

People Of India Receives The Most Spam Calls

Other types of spam calls that people gets are usually linked to bank, debt collection, health, political, telemarketing, spam, scam, financial service, and insurance. “Spam call problem of India lies with financial services and operators. Most of these operators are looking to offer special schemes for free of cost Internet data, or limitless calls. Which does not sound so awful, until you get showered by them frequently,” the report exposed.

The report further exposed that in the U.S., spam calls are ruled by pranks, harassment, and scam calls while debt collectors and financial services is also a huge segment that is spamming people in the U.S. Other nations that grab spot in the list comprise Britain, Bangladesh, Chile, Kenya, Italy, Egypt, and others. For the report, the company collected information in secret from calls that came and either gets automatically marked as spam by Truecaller or had been flagged as spam by customers during the time frame of July 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017. At the time of the survey, Truecaller consumers got more than 5.5 Billion spam calls.

The report also claims that increased use of Internet data in the recent time and lack of safety precautions while using the web has some contribution in getting such hefty number of spam calls.

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