Supply Chain Project On Table Of Rs 400 Crore For Vegetables And Fruits

Supply Chain Project On Table Of Rs 400 Crore For Vegetables And Fruits

The principal secretary, Directorate of Agricultural Marketing & Agri-Business, Tamil Nadu, Shunchonngam Jatak Chiru stated that the existing supply chain of vegetables and fruits will be made more efficient with the state making the value chain system robust. Shunchonngam Jatak Chiru was attending the workshop on “Agricultural Entrepreneurial” at TNAU (Tamil Nadu Agricultural University).

Supply Chain Project On Table Of Rs 400 Crore For Vegetables And Fruits

Shunchonngam, during his media interaction at the workshop, “Agpreum 2018 – Transforming Agriculture Value Chain” stated that the state is working towards making the supply chain proficient in the agricultural supply chain by making organic links to contribute on it. Chiru further added that the people who don’t contribute in the chain will not be receiving any profits and it will increase the income of the farmers and benefit only the producer.

The supply chain project by the state is nearly estimated at Rs 400 crore which will enhance the efforts of the ranchers in production by sorting or grading, mentions Chiru. At the workshop, during the inaugural session, Shunchonngam mentioned that State Government, National Bank for Agriculture & Rural Development and NGOs are the outsides bodies that are driving FOPs (Food Producer Organizations’) nowadays. He further stated that it is now time for agricultural entrepreneurs to enter the market and gain benefits.

R Amalorpavanathan, Deputy Managing Director, Nabard, Mumbai, commenting on the farm produce by the electronic marketing stated that the e-receipts for the farmers are like stocks that they receive through e-National Agriculture Marketing portals. He further added that when farmers will sell their products they will be repaid while getting money in advance as well. He further mentioned that Nabard and Securities Exchange Board are planning for activating the e-receipt procedure.

He further mentioned that the farmers of Tamil Nadu will be immensely benefited as Rs 2,000 crores have been sanctioned by Nabard for the development fund of “Agriculture Market Infrastructure.” The Chief Advisor of Pulses Seed Hub Coordination Cell, P N Vedanarayanan stated that the land availing in India or farming has been shrinking; therefore, the focus should be on enhancing the productivity.

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