Further Action By UK Likely On Russia After Ousting 23 Diplomats

Further Action By UK Likely On Russia After Ousting 23 Diplomats

After Moscow’s decision of removing 23 diplomats of UK as a way to get back to Britain, Theresa May announced that UK will not sit silently on the killing of an ex-spy and his daughter. She further added that the country will answer this step after thorough discussions with UK’s alliances. This decision of May was supported by Trump, Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron.

Further Action By UK Likely On Russia After Ousting 23 Diplomats

Russia commanded the British consulate to close down in St. Petersburg apart from stopping the operation of British Council in Russia. The ambassador from the UK was called forth by the foreign ministry of Russia and was informed that in response to the false allegations by the UK, they are dismissing 23 diplomats.

This was the consequence of the May government accusing Moscow of having involvement in the nerve agent attack on Sergei and his daughter in Salisbury and ordered the removal of Russian diplomats from the UK which is by far the largest since 30 years.

This comes at the time when Putin is set to become the President for the 4th consecutive term. The matter was heated after the comments from the foreign secretary of UK who said that Putin is likely to have ordered this attack.

The diplomats are given a time of 1 week to leave Russia and if the UK undertakes further steps in the meantime, Moscow will not refrain from responding in a rigorous way.

The termination of the operation of British Council marks the end of 60 years of its functioning in Russia. It operated for the cultural and educational purpose. But the increasing heat between Russia and UK took its toll on the council. Clementine Cecil expressed his views by stating that this has ended the only positive relationship that the 2 countries had due to cultural communication.

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