Ghana Teacher Teaches MS Word On Blackboards, Gets PC Donations

Ghana Teacher Teaches MS Word On Blackboards, Gets PC Donations

There are still great people born on our planet who work selflessly for the betterment of the society and thanks to the media for making them famous. Such an inspiring story came up when the media highlight upon a teacher who draws an entire MS Word on the blackboard to teach students. He is perhaps the most dedicate and hard working teacher the world has encountered till date. After all it is difficult to teach someone software without a computer.

Ghana Teacher Teaches MS Word On Blackboards, Gets PC Donations

However, this difficulty was made easy by Richard A. Akoto, 33, a teacher of Betenase village in Ghana. Richard didn’t have any computer to demonstrate to his students how it works, nor do the students have access to any, but Information and Technology was in their syllabus. They have to pass the subject in order to go to the high school. So, he decided to draw and replicate the entire MS Word with a chalk on the blackboard to make his students understand.

 How could not this inspiring story capture hearts of many internet users after it went viral! As a gesture of gratitude, Richard went online and thanked all the well wishers, across the globe, who donated him for laptops and computers. Besides, he was also invited by Microsoft to attend a computer teaching program in Singapore. He visited Singapore a few weeks before, where he was provided additional training and the company has also promised to give Richard a computer.

Richard said he has been doing this every time the chapter demands it. He draws it on the blackboard with chalk. He has drawn monitors, keyboards, system units, and so on.  The students were pretty okay with it because it was nothing new for them.

The donations really helped a lot as now Richard’s students can learn with a handful of computers at least.   Richard expressed that he is very happy that his hard work has been noticed by the world. Now his students can learn from real computers and not chalkboard.

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