Government Unleashes The Roadmap To Forest Policy

Government Unleashes The Roadmap To Forest Policy

According to the latest draft revealed by the National Forest Policy, the projects which will interrupt the well-being of the forests, especially the ones that cover the steep slopes, lakes, reservoirs, as well as rivers, are to be strictly prohibited from executing. This will lead to the stabilization of the ecology and will promote the measures that work towards conserving water and soil. The policy further mentions to plant more bamboo grasses to support the cause.

Government Unleashes The Roadmap To Forest Policy

In order to manage the proposed plan in a strategized manner, the policy has suggested building bodies of national level; namely CFM and NBF, which are National Community Forest Management Mission and National Board of Forestry, respectively.

The NFP or the National Forest Policy is specially designed to take care of the management of forest by accumulating 1/3rd of the total geographical area of India under the cover of greenery. The first edition of this endeavor was published in 1952 and the second version on 1988.

As per a fresh draft that was released in June 2016, a green tax was implemented in order to mobilize the responsible behavior towards preserving the greenery. However, the latest draft has edited this portion and doesn’t mention any such tax. On the other hand, it also mentions the active participation of people in preserving the forest in order to cope with the poor plantation across the country.

CFM will be launched in order to take care of the approach towards the future participation. This is a legal mission that aims to point the operational framework. This will unite the levels of the state and local development strategies in order to improve the forest management.

During the first edition of the policy, it clearly targeted to handle the revenue generation while the second edition aimed to ensure the stability of the environment along with preserving ecological balance.

Currently, India has 24.39% forest covering the country, which can improve with continual effort and dedicated manpower with an enhanced balance between wildlife and human life.

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