Microsoft AI Converts Chinese To English Similar To Humans

Microsoft AI Converts Chinese To English Similar To Humans

A group of Microsoft scientists, comprising one from India, has generated an AI (Artificial Intelligence) fueled machine network that can translate news article sentences to English from Chinese with the same accuracy and quality as humans.

Microsoft AI Converts Chinese To English Similar To Humans

Scientists from the U.S. and Asia labs of the company claimed that their system attained human uniformity on a commonly-utilized trial set of news stories (dubbed as newstest2017) that was rolled out lately at a conference, claimed a blog post this week.

As per a Partner Research Manager of machine translation team of Microsoft and an IIT-Bombay alumni, Arul Menezes, the group set out to establish that its networks can perform almost as perfect as a person when it employed a language pair (such as English to Chinese) for which there is a huge amount of data.

“Provided the best-case scenario as far as availability of resources and data goes, we needed to find out if we can really level up with the performance of a specialized human translator,” claimed Menezes. To make sure that the results were both at par and accurate with what users will have compared, the team recruited outside bilingual human testers who evaluated results of Microsoft against 2 independently made translations with reference to human.

“Reaching human parity in a task of machine translation is a vision that all of us had. We just did not realize we will be capable of hitting it so quickly,” claimed Technical Fellow in charge of efforts by Microsoft for natural language, speech, and machine translation, Xuedong Huang, to the media in an interview.

To hit the milestone of human parity on this dataset, 3 research groups in Redmond and Beijing research labs of Microsoft operated together to make the network more precise. “Most of our work is actually inspired by how humans perform things,” claimed Microsoft Research Asia’s Principal Research Manager, Tie-Yan Liu.

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