Microsoft Is Conveying New Experiences Via Connecting AI And Products

Microsoft Is Conveying New Experiences Via Connecting AI And Products

Microsoft is connecting a series of its goods including Dynamics 365, Office 365, and LinkedIn employing AI (artificial intelligence) to get insights from all of them. This will result in a fresh user experience, claimed Rajesh K Jha, the head of the Office product group of the company, to the media in an interview.

Microsoft Is Conveying New Experiences Via Connecting AI And Products

Jha, who was named to the present position in late 2016 and who came to Microsoft in 1990 straight out of university, offered a number of instances of these experiences at the time of an interview with the local media. “If you are in MS Word and you are making a resume, resume assistant of LinkedIn will come up in a sidebar and inform you what companies are seeking for, how you must show your skills. It will even display open jobs alongside the resume,” he claimed further.

Office 365 is the company’s suite of cloud productivity equipments comprising Excel, Word, OneNote, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Microsoft purchased LinkedIn (the professional network) in 2016 for $26 Billion. If you receive an email on Outlook from an associate in different location that you have not met, and the associate is on LinkedIn, then you can receive data from Outlook about the associate, comprising a pic, if the same has been published on LinkedIn.

Increasing number businesses struggle to use Cloud in India. However, Microsoft with its huge network of partnership is in an exclusive place, providing a full Cloud portal as well as business and productivity applications, a leading international official has stressed out. Microsoft has revealed innovative tools designed to democratize AI by allowing machine smarts to be constructed from smartphone games into software to factory floors. The company is infusing artificial intelligence into each service and product that they provide. They are enhancing programs with AI that might strike into services in the Internet.

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