Spotify Witnesses 2018 Income Increasing 20–30%, Slower As Compared To Last Year

The largest trading music streaming service in the world, Spotify, anticipates income to increase by 20% to 30% in 2018 as currency swings reduce the speed from 2017 and it gets ready for one of most expected stock listings of the Europe.

The Swedish firm claimed that it anticipated 2018 income of be in the range of 4.9 Billion Euros to 5.3 Billion Euros (almost $6.1–$6.8 Billion), which will mark a slowdown from the 39% increment recorded last year. For the quarter one, the firm predicted income of 1.10–1.15 Billion Euros, up by 22–27%.


Spotify Technology SA shares are set to start selling on April 3, 2018, on the New York Stock Exchange in a strange direct listing with no conventional underwriters. The firm was capitalized almost $20 Billion on the basis of private stock payments amongst current employees and investors in February, as per its filing.

Loss-generating Spotify, which is prioritizing fast development over profits, claimed that it anticipated to have inked up between 73 Million and 76 Million paying users this month, almost 2x more than the nearest rival Apple. For the complete year, it is –planning for 92–96 Million of premium consumers, it claimed.

Spotify declared recently that it had reached 70 Million users. The Swedish firm, which has been capitalized at almost $20 Billion, put on the 10 Million paying users since its previous update. Declaring its new online user base, Spotify did not alter its number for overall consumers.

It claimed in June that it had 140 Million active consumers, comprising those users who have access to advertising-backed and free tier of Spotify. Spotify’s nearest competitor is Apple Music, which was rolled out in 2015 as the industry moves away from the acquired downloading of music on the iTunes platform of the tech behemoth.

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