Future Group Diverts To Ayurvedic Personal Care Products

Looking at the accomplishment of Patanjali Ayurveda, the Future Group is also setting up a plan to bring its products in ayurvedic personal care products segment. Biyani also confirmed that it is also looking to acquire other companies to expand its presence in this segment. The company is planning to introduce its first ayurvedic product in the form of Ayurvedic oil.

Future Group Diverts To Ayurvedic Personal Care Products

Biyani said, “We are thinking of acquiring market players that have a huge contribution to ayurvedic beauty segment. Their valuation may be slightly higher, but in spite of this, we want to buy companies or brands in this segment.”

He further said that the Future Group, which started Modern Retailing in India, has got inspiration from Patanjali’s rapid growth. They want to build a big business in the FMCG business’s herbal products market too. In FY18, the group’s FMCG business is expected to reach Rs 3,500 Crore, which was Rs 1,645 Crore in 2017. Biyani said that in the financial year 2019, he wants to achieve 70-80% growth in this segment.

Biyani told about the long-term goal that by 2021–22, we want to set up a business of Rs 20,000 Crore. He said that sales of his Tasty Treat brand business will exceed Rs 1,000 Crore by 2019. Biyani’s daughter, Ashni Group, is operating with food business CEO Sadashiv Naik. According to Biyani, his company has achieved a good market share in the packaged tea segment. At the same time, the company has launched Marie, Digestive, and Cookies Cream Biscuits under the Tasty Treat brand.

He told that in the body wash category it has launched products that replace soap in just Rs 39. After this, other brands also had to reduce the prices. At the same time, Biyani’s company is selling 5 Crore soap bars in a year.

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