HNI Corp. Anticipates $495.50 Million In Sales In Current Quarter

According to reports, HNI Corp. (HNI) is expected to report $495.50 Million through its sales in the present quarter. Analysts gave a projection on the basis of HNI’s revenue, with approximation ranging $495.30–495.70 Million. The company reported sales of total $477.67 Million in the same quarter of previous year. This eventually depicts a positive year-over-year growth of 3.7%. HNI Corp. will be declaring its earnings on April 18.

HNI Corp. Anticipates $495.50 Million In Sales In Current Quarter

According to the Zacks research, the company will witness an annual sale of $495.50 Million in the current fiscal year. The overall estimation presented by Zacks is based on the average survey of research analysts that present a report for HNI.

HNI previously announced that its quarterly earnings were $0.47 per share, which beat analyst’s estimation $0.47 by $0.05. The company reported revenue of $584.30 Million in the quarter, which went way ahead compared to $567.83 Million for the relative quarter. HNI posted a net margin of 4.13% and 17.64% was the return on equity. The revenue of the company spurred by the 5% year-over-year basis, and it made revenue at a rate of $0.82 per share in the previous year at the same period.

On Friday, the HNI stocks were down by $1.04 mid-day trading, standing at $36.02. Compared to the average volume of 145,595, it stocks had a trading volume of 145,816 shares. HNI has a current ratio of 1.00, a debt-to-equity ratio of 0.47, and a quick ratio of 0.68. The market capitalization of the firm is $1,557.72, a beta of 1.36 and PE ratio of 18.28. On yearly basis, HNI’s highest value per share reported is $48.32 and lowest is $31.16.

It will be interesting to see, how the share value behaves after disclosing the earnings of this quarter.

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