Elon Musk Passionate To Smash The Speed Record Of Hyperloop

Elon Musk has been through a tight schedule for accommodating rockets in space and developing electric cars. However, with some spare time, the tech magnate now wants to renovate public transportation with Hyperloop high-speed transit systems.

Elon Musk Passionate To Smash The Speed Record Of Hyperloop

Musk via Twitter stated that he intends to test Hyperloop pod at half of sound’s speed soon, with the support of brand SpaceX and Tesla. The aim of the test is to vroom the pod to approximately 383 mph and halt it within 3–4 miles. Musk also added that it sounds quite nutty, but appears thrilling the other way.

SpaceX and Tesla branded pod knocked the top speed of 220 mph, which was recorded as fastest for the pod so far. Musk also wants to drill tunnels for its Hyperloop Systems. In 2013, Musk brought the totally new concept of high-speed transit system known as Hyperloop. The concept designed so far claims that this system will be deployed to commute passengers in pressurized electric pods via vacuum-sealed tubes at a maximum acceleration of 600 mph. Musk will set out its “The Boring Company” for the tunnel, to create an underground network of tunnel, that can accommodate both a low-speed alternative for short distances, termed as Loop and Hyperloop.

Related to this concept of public transportation, Musk has already faced confrontation from various city-based governments and experts. Over this, he also got a green signal to construct tunnels in Baltimore and California. The Boring Company is among the two entities to construct a totally new transit system amid O’Hare International Airport and Chicago’s downtown area.

Being the sole founder of the Hyperloop concept some years ago, Musk now also has a tough rival in the form of Virgin Hyperloop One led by Richard Branson. The company has already initiated the development of a prototype for the passenger pod; Vision 2030 Hyperloop Pod.

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