Apple Made A Major Recruitment That Can Improve Its Content Quality

Apple appointed a new boss for Apple Music this week, and his background suggests at what the firm’s thus far imprecise content plan may be in the future. The new VP (vice president) for international content and Apple Music will be Oliver Schusser. He will divide his time between Culver City, California, and Cupertino headquarters of the firm where many movies and TV shows are filmed, as per the local media.

Apple Made A Major Recruitment That Can Improve Its Content Quality

Media reports earlier gave the details of appointment of Schusser by the firm. The local media also reports that Schusser was important in acquisition of Shazam by Apple. Shazam employs algorithms to recognize music.

While Apple is recognized mainly for its aim on music, the information that Schusser also has a backdrop in tech acquirements (for example Shazam) and will work fraction of the time in Culver City hints that movies and Shazam can turn out to be a major part of ambitions of the company, in comparison to being music lovers’ bonus content.

In different words, Schusser might offer the missing connection between Apple’s dream in music, television, and artificial intelligence by conveying all of these components below one roof. In spite of hardware such as HomePod and Apple TV, Apple’s overarching media plan has been unsuccessful to amaze most of the users so far.

Earlier, Schusser joined the Cupertino-based giant in 2004. He has showed the capability of working with studios, music labels, and publishers. These firms determine content acquirement costs of Apple, as it looks to vie with big investors such as Netflix. He has also worked globally, a significant region of expertise as Apple tackles content hurdles in big areas such as China. He has even worked previously at Napster and Universal. Apple Music has its reach in Beats Music. This firm came to Apple via a hardware acquirement.

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