Study Shows Brain Injuries To Increase The Risk Of Dementia

A large study provides more insights of a relation between traumatic brain damages and dementia afterward in life, with recurring injuries and ruthless ones causing the greatest risk. Health records of around 2.8 Million individuals in Denmark for over a period of 36 Years were analyzed by researchers.

Study Shows Brain Injuries To Increase The Risk Of Dementia

In general, the risk was little. Around 95% individuals suffering from a brain damage never developed dementia. However, a single grave brain injury elevated the threat of later dementia by 35% in comparison to an individual who never had brain damage. A gentle brain injury elevated the threat by 17%. Every other brain trauma added to the risk.

In general, the threat of dementia was 24% more for individuals with a traumatic brain injury in comparison to individuals without one. In spite of the extent of the studies, they will not resolve scientific queries—or social debate—regarding the brain injuries from war, sports, domestic violence, or car crashes. The researchers recognize that a gust to the head can harm brain cells, however, they do not recognize precisely how that may result in later cognitive issues, as stated by Dr. Jesse Fann, the lead researcher, from the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle.

This sort of research cannot establish a cause-and-effect association, but scientist attempted to remove the probable influence of marital status, gender, age, and health, comprising depression. Further, they observed other sorts of injuries, such as broken bones, and discovered that brain traumas were more directly linked to dementia.

In another combined German/Finnish study, the searchers discovered that anti-epileptic drugs that are acknowledged to weaken cognitive function were linked to 60% elevated threat of dementia 20% elevated possibility of Alzheimer’s disease. Also, the team established that the higher the drug dosage, the higher is the threat of dementia.

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