Russia And The US Head-To-Head Over Chemical Attack In UN

In a meeting of the United Nations Security Council on chemical attacks on Civilians in Syria, the US and Russia clashed with each other. The US said that the hands of the Russian government have been struck by the blood of Syrian children, while Russia has called the reports of the attack as a fake one. In the emergency meeting held after the claims of a chemical attack on civilians in Syria’s Duma, members of the Security Council and officials expressed serious concern about the risk of using such weapons.

Russia And The US Head-To-Head Over Chemical Attack In UN

He said that due to the end of the Cold War, the tension between the world powers can grow rapidly for the first time. US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said that she can show pictures of all the murders so that the Security Council looks at it but what will happen from this? There is no conscience of those who are responsible for these attacks, even seeing pictures of the dead children won’t melt their heart.

Haley said, “The Russian government, with blood-stained Syrians, cannot be ashamed of the pictures of these victims. We had tried such a thing earlier. We should not ignore the roles of Russia and Iran to help the Assad government’s deadly destruction.”

Haley warned that America will respond and important decisions are being taken.

After this, the Russian ambassador to the United Nations Vasilei Nebanjia said that there is no surprise in the fact that the burden of responsibility without being investigated is being put on Russia and Iran. He said that the use of sarin or chlorine in Duma was not confirmed. He stated that experts of Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) should immediately go to Damascus.

At the UN Security Council, French representative stated that a poisonous gas had been intentionally used so that it could go deep under the basements as well.

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