The World’s Largest Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge Will Soon Open

There was a huge excitement of the massive infrastructure linking the mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau. The wait will soon end, the world’s largest bridge is all set to serve and link these nations.

This was one of the most ambitious projects of China. The total 55-km megastructure is an engineering marvel and is constructed with 380, 000 Tonnes of steel, which is ample to build 60 Eiffel towers.

The World’s Largest Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge Will Soon Open

The initiation of the commutation will be from the mid-year, in which it is expected that there will be a mass migration to various cities of China. It is an anticipation by authorities that by next decade 250 Million people will move into China’s developing cities. Transport and superior infrastructure play a crucial part in the strategy.

However, even the mega-bridge, which is a flamboyant project for China and has been erected with enormous intricacies for last eight years of construction. The two islands that are artificially created around 100 huge steel cylinders had to be integrated owing to the deep and soft parts of the seafloor.

The design also had to consider the path of the bridge that was in the midway of the flight pathway for Hong Kong International Airport. Also, the waterways operations were keenly recognized. The designers had to build 6 kilometers undersea tunnels for the free flow of ships from Hong Kong, which is one busiest port globally.

Talking about the numbers, till accomplishment of the project around 14,000 workers and 300 ships were deployed for the project that cost around $15 Billion according to Chinese media. Projecting the capacity, over 40,000 vehicles per day are expected to transit daily after the opening. There will be no cyclists and pedestrians allowed on this route.

Though it sets a record for sea bridge, it still falls short to compete with world’s longest bridge of 164 km section of a high-speed rail line linking Nanjing to Shanghai.

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