“Help Save Florida’s Reefs” With This New App That Collects Data Beneath The Sea

Does the query constantly renders your mind, being core ocean lover that how to resolve the issue of declining corals. There is a solution in the form of an app. A new app named as OkCoral works as a mediator that helps to monitor and maintain the health of the oceans.

“Help Save Florida’s Reefs” With This New App That Collects Data Beneath The Sea

The ideology on basis of which the app is developed is to invite spare time divers to check the wellbeing of the coral bunch to bring back the harshly affected Florida Reef Tract to its original and natural form. As per the data, the elkhorn and staghorn corals that build the Reefs have almost vanished from the perimeter of Florida Reef Tract since 1970. And since then, every attempt has been made by Coral Restoration Foundation to overturn the vanishing trend. The foundation has also grown these corals in large quantities in offshore nurseries, which are later planted at some selected edges of the reef.

With the use of OkCoral, divers will get to know the dissimilarity amid the dead and living corals. It also instructs the status of corals whether they are fused or grown. Once identified, the diver just needs housing and camera to click the pictures of the old coral clusters that were found while on the dive. While you return to the dry land, collate the data and images and forward the overall data on the application with detailed information of the site.

With the use of OkCoral, the Coral Restoration Foundation has made it effortless for any snorkeler or recreational diver to become a “Citizen Scientist” and collate critical data that will guarantee the accomplishment of the mission.

The funding for overall development of the app was raised through a grant of SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund, a non-profit organization that was established to offer financial support for conservation programs around the globe.

The app, at present, can be accessed only on iOS devices and soon an Android version will be made available.

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