Microsoft Introduces Windows Defender Browser Protection Extension For Chrome Browser

Microsoft has served for long defending its users on Edge browser, and now it is bringing its Windows Defender Browser Protection as an add-on to the Google Chrome browser. The new Chrome extension can be downloaded for free through the Chrome Web Store and is asserted to defend users against malware and phishing content. Also, it features a real-time indicator to inform the customers about likely unsecured sites.

Microsoft Introduces Windows Defender Browser Protection Extension For Chrome Browser

Taking into consideration the protection of the user, Chrome already executes a good job by restricting access automatically to malicious content sites. However, Microsoft states that its Windows Defender safeguarding is more advanced than what you can receive from Chrome. Particularly, Windows Defender Browser Protection on the Microsoft Edge is hyped to guard against 99% of phishing attacks, whereas Chrome provides 87% of security and Firefox of Mozilla placed 3rd with 70% of rate of protection. These digits are indeed aspired to influence you to install an extension of Microsoft on your Chrome browser.

However, aside from just the numbers, the Windows Defender Browser Protection of Microsoft includes a security level to Chrome to assist in guarding you against online perils, such as links on websites and phishing emails, claims the firm. The extension automatically verifies the links you hit against a continuously upgraded listing of malicious URLs and it displays a red cautioning screen if any of those links are found to match with one in the listing.

It is worth mentioning here that while an enormous digit of Chrome extensions function with Chrome OS devices, however, the Windows Defender Browser Protection extension is restricted to Mac and Windows devices operating on the Chrome browser. Furthermore, the extension supposedly functions alongside the default Chrome protection.

Apart from this, the Microsoft Translator has also been recently upgraded to provide artificial intelligence-supported offline language packs across all iOS, Amazon Fire, and Android devices.

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