Facebook Intends To Introduce Face-Scanning Tech In Europe, Which Might Be Against The Law

Earlier in this week, Facebook announced the modifications it had made to the privacy settings to meet the European Union laws. However, the key part of the announcement was the social media giant wants to bring facial recognition technology in its services to Europe.

Facebook Intends To Introduce Face-Scanning Tech In Europe, Which Might Be Against The Law

This technology will enable Facebook to recommend tag for the people in the photos and to identify if the user is utilizing someone else image as their profile picture. Back in 2012, the social media company had previously stopped facial recognition use in the EU, as privacy regulators of Ireland and Germany users were not providing permission for scanning and labeling their faces. The company also had to delete all the data related to facial recognition of European Union citizens owing to pressure given by the Irish watchdog.

So going on with the announcement of facial recognition, reintroduction to the EU doesn’t depict that the legal concerns have been cleared. Irish Data Protection Commissioner (DPC) stated that settlement of this legal issue won’t be so fast.

Facebook has already presented its plans to DPC before making a public announcement, but the ball remains in regulators court for clearance. Moreover, the national regulators are still apprehensive that not every user getting its face scanned may have consented to the event.

There is no doubt of Facebook’s new setting, which is expected to introduce in this week in Europe, will prompt the user to use facial recognition feature. But not everyone will follow the process of consent for scanning faces of others, which indirectly means that Facebook isn’t totally complying with EU privacy law.

Facebook spokesperson said CNBC, “We have submitted all the details to IDPC, about the overall functioning of the facial recognition technology. In return, they came up with queries on which we are already working.”

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