In Terms Of Self-Driving, Consumers Consider Tesla As Most Trustworthy Brand

As per the poll carried out by Autolist for consumers, it has been unveiled that Tesla is most trusted among all the other companies that are functioning over self-driving technologies.

The results of the survey disclosed that around 32% of the consumers agreed that they can trust on Tesla on exploring new possibilities in self-driving cars and bringing them into the market. On the basis of comparison, Toyota, which is the most reliable and heritage brand, was listed by 15% respondents in the poll. Moreover, GM, which is presently developing fully autonomous technology with Cruise Automation, took the third position in the poll with 9% followers.

In Terms Of Self-Driving, Consumers Consider Tesla As Most Trustworthy Brand

The ride-hailing service company, Uber, got involved in the dispute after its testing vehicle attributed to self-driving took life of a pedestrian in the previous month, received a response from 6% consumers in the poll led by Autolist. Furthermore, ride-sharing service Lyft and German legacy automaker Volkswagen got 2% respondents who believe them as reliable brands for self-driving.

At last, Google’s Waymo was ranked lowest in the Autolist and was perceived as less trustworthy brand in the self-driving market. The reason Waymo has 1% trust rating is the awareness among the respondents that Waymo is Google’s subsidiary and owing to less brand recognition it seems to suffer, though it has the finest technology in the industry.

Around 27% of respondents on poll mentioned that no car maker’s initiative is trustworthy, while the number of people selecting “Other” option is 6% in the Autolist survey.

A research agency named Navigant had placed present top-ranked Tesla at 19th place in January, with a clarification that the company doesn’t have a clear autonomous driving program till date. While the two companies that topped in the listing of Navigant were Waymo and GM, as they already have their self-driving cars on streets for testing.

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