To Mark Its Centennial, Panasonic Commences Off-grid Solutions Project

A project has been initiated by Panasonic Corp. for individuals residing in off-grid regions, which merge educational activities to support electricity perspective and distribution of the related products of the firm. The Off-grid Solutions Project is a fraction of corporate social responsibility initiatives of Panasonic, commemorating the centenary of the firm’s establishment this year.

To Mark Its Centennial, Panasonic Commences Off-grid Solutions Project

The new program intends to promote the establishment of a sustainable society wherein every person sustaining without admittance to the power grid can direct an independent life. The company will give its products such as solar storage and generation systems, offer technical training & education to develop human resources, and assist in developing local business models intriguing benefits of electricity. With these actions, Panasonic desires to assist in instituting a firm educational base, augment local income, and promote autonomy for these communities. Also, these actions will add to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

The new initiative is meant for communities in Africa and Asia with a huge off-grid people, where Panasonic will function with NPOs and NGOs that are making attempts to solve societal problems these communities confront. Beginning in Indonesia (Jan 2018–Dec 2019), followed by Myanmar (Apr 2018–Mar 2020), and at present being corresponded, Kenya, the actions will be progressively spread out into other countries and regions.

The Sustainable Development Goals aimed by the Off-grid Solutions Project are:

  • Gender equality;
  • Affiliations for the goals;
  • Clean and affordable energy;
  • No poverty;
  • Well-being and good health;
  • Quality education.

With the development of a wide-ranging society devoid of poverty as the core subject, Panasonic is going on with corporate citizenship conducts founded on its viewpoint of contributing to the society’s development via its business by making use of its products and technology.

Also, Panasonic Corp. had recently declared its partnership with the Graduate School of Engineering of Kyoto University for the development of innovation in consumer and living spaces electronics.

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