Research Ascertains Genetic Variants Influencing the Threat of Depression

As per the new research, the international scientists in London have successfully unearthed the genetic variants responsible for the threat of major depression.

As per the new findings, scientists have ascertained about 44 genetic variants; some of them are carried by almost all humans increasing the threat of depression. As asserted by the scientists, this research will be a key element explaining the reason behind why the antidepressant treatment does not help everyone to improve. It will be a stepping stone to discovering the new medicine for depression. The study also denotes the interlink between the genetic basis of depression and schizophrenia.

Research Ascertains Genetic Variants Influencing the Threat of Depression

About 14% of people worldwide are facing the issue of major depression, which is the key reason for long-standing disability of the common population. The concern is that only 50% of the patients act in response to the existing treatment plans.

Gerome Breen, a research team member, King’s College London, while explaining the impact of research finding, asserted that the newly found genetic variants can rejuvenate the depression treatment and unlock the pathways for the new and enhanced treatment plans.

The research is a global effort and is published in the journal Nature Genetics on Thursday. About 135,000 patients with the major depression had participated in the study. It also involved about 344,000 participants who worked as controls in the study.

Cathryn Lewis, a research team member, King’s College London, proclaimed that the study is the first step which has elucidated the genetic basis of depression. The further research is needed to discover more of genetic underpinnings, and understanding the process of genetics and environmental stressors who contribute to the increasing threat of depression.

Dr. David Howard, the lead author of the report, proclaimed that the study pinpoints the genes that potentially increase the possibility of depression, which adds to the evidence that the depression is a genetic disorder.

Recently, the Hunt cohort study also has affirmed in its reports asserting that the exercise can be a key element in treating major depression.

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