Google Translate proves To Be A Real Diamond For Google Inc. Says Pichai

Google has a huge list of products that help to make huge money for the company on daily basis. Products like Google Search, YouTube, Google Docs, and Gmail are used on wide platform all over the world and have been proven gold to Google. But there is one more precious jewel that has also been proved as a gold mine for Google and that is the Google Translate. On a conference about the earnings in the second quarter of the year on Monday, Sunder Pichai, CEO, disclosed the predicted money generating potential of Google Translate.

Google Translate proves To Be A Real Diamond For Google Inc. Says Pichai

Pichai said that the Google Translate translates about 143 Billion words a day. This number was boosted to such a high number; thanks to the FIFA World Cup Tournament. The Google Translate can translate words, sentences or even documents into more than 100 languages. The translation service was launched about 12 years ago and there have been many features added gradually which have boosted the use of this service. It has some outstanding features; for example, it can translate the conversations not in real time, but near real time. It also translates a road sign from one language to another with the help of the smart phone camera. Right now, these services are free, but soon could be turned as a money generator looking at its demand. But again, that is just a shot in a dark, due to its potential market.

Google translate, which was launched 12 years ago, for just translating one language to another, is now used to translate speeches in real time and read road signs from one language to another just by the use of Camera. The enhancements that Google has brought in this service could really prove to be money maker for the company.

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