Amazon Echo To Introduce The Equalizer Settings On The New Echo Spot And Echo Show

Amazon’s very own smart speakers, Echo will now allow the user to adjust the equalizer on the music to alter the sounds according to the user’s preference. This new EQ (equalizer) feature will allow the user to change the notes, sounds and bass of the music. When you are listening to music, you need to set different settings to enjoy the song depending upon its genre or type to feel typical beats and notes. Now, with this new feature in the Echo, you can simply change these settings with your voice commands.

Amazon Echo To Introduce The Equalizer Settings On The New Echo Spot And Echo Show

With this new feature, you can change the midrange, treble or bass as per your requirement, with the range from minus 6 decibels to plus 6 decibels. These changes can be done with voice commands or manually with the help of Alexa app. These changes can also be done on the on-screen controls with models Echo Spot and Echo Show. But why bother when simple voice commands like, “Alexa, set the treble to the minimum”, “Alexa, reset the equalizer” or “Alexa, turn the bass up” will do the work for you! But, once the Equalizer is adjusted, those settings will continue to apply for whatever kind or type of music you play. So, if you are listening to Rock music, and the Pop song comes in the queue, you should remember to reset the equalizer accordingly to enjoy your music.

Alexa, a virtual assistant developed by Amazon, was first introduced in Amazon Echo in November 2014. Currently working on platforms like Amazon Echo, iOS, Fire TV and Android, it is soon set to work on Cortana in coming months.

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