YouTube Testing The “Explore” Tab For Improving Video Recommendations

YouTube, the video streaming giant, and a part of search engine giant Google has released a lot of additional services as well as improved the existing services.

YouTube Testing The “Explore” Tab For Improving Video Recommendations

The services launched has offer user a better video streaming services with original video content as well as it offers power in hands of the YouTubers to tackle with the issue of the duplicity of original content, to improve user experience and avoid any sort of piracy issue.

However, there are a lot of features and services introduced in 2018 in a lot of applications and service provide by Google which includes YouTube as well. The platform does not seem like to stop in any time soon. This time the video streaming giant brought us a new feature with a hope of making the user experience even better

It is not at all new, in the case of YouTube, that it is experimenting with something new, whether is it like auto-developed thumbnails and/or inclusion of GIF-like video previews. Currently, the video-streaming and video-sharing platforms are testing a new Explore tab to see how it is going to improve the user experience and behavior on the platform.

Just like the explore tab of Instagram, the new experiment executing by YouTube with the explore tab will allow users to search for more videos, channels, and topic that might go deep under the flood of newly uploaded videos. This feature has aimed directly towards the creators, and to ensure that their videos will be visible to the browser which might have an interest in them.

For an instance, consider you are watching a few videos of telescopes, you might end up seeing some of the high-end cameras in your explore tab. The Explore tab will possibly have their own new shelves in their region, along with trending videos and on the rise videos.

Initially, 1% of the iOS users will encounter the primary test.

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