Microsoft Will Soon Bring An Xbox Console With Game Streaming Facility

Microsoft shared it during the E3 that it is going to build a cloud gaming framework. The report published calls that framework as “Scarlett Cloud” and it is just a part of the next generation Xbox strategy of Microsoft.

Microsoft Will Soon Bring An Xbox Console With Game Streaming Facility

As per Thurrott.com, the website for all the Microsoft’s thing, the next Xbox will have 2 diverse flavors. Out of this one will be the usual gaming console in which the games are processed in the system only. It is just like the existing gaming consoles and system of today’s time. However, the other flavor is a cloud-based gaming system which consumes low power and will load the games from the cloud platform of Microsoft.

The streaming framework will have some processing power, which helps in dealing with the latency which was caused earlier by traditional gaming consoles. Eventually, only a small portion of a game run on a local system, however, the remaining part will be streamed to the system.

The Xbox with clouds streaming facility will most likely be cheaper than a traditional gaming console. And this becomes true because Microsoft has offered the Xbox console with a thin profit margin, depending on the sales of online games as well as the online services to fill up for the differences. Streaming services discussed on Thurrott would additionally take benefit of this strategy while depending on the deep understanding on cloud computing of Microsoft.

There are several gaming companies who tried to stream full games online. Onlive was among them; however, being successful for a while, it went through a surprise sale in 2012, of $4.8M. Sony as well gave a huge library of PlayStation 2, 3 and 4 games for streaming via its PS now service. This year, Nvidia as well entered into the realm of streaming game and provide a limited selection of Streaming via GeForce Now.

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