People With Alzheimer’s Disease Can Benefit From This Cannabis-like Drug

With the benefits of cannabis getting known by more and more people across the world, the legal issues are still an obstacle for many people, especially patients with certain medical conditions that can take the help of some of these drugs. Recently, a synthetic cannabis product was invented which is expected to help the patients, particularly the ones with Alzheimer’s disease to reduce the agitation. The same drug is being used to treat nausea in the patients that are diagnosed with cancer.

 People With Alzheimer’s Disease Can Benefit From This Cannabis-like Drug

When it comes to the symptoms of the Alzheimer’s disease, some are very intricate to manage. One such symptom is agitation. That is why some antipsychotic drugs are given to the patients that have a medical condition like dementia. Other than that, anxiety drugs as well as sedatives are also given. The long search for a drug to help the people with agitation seems to have finally come to an end with this synthetic drug called as nabilone.

In order to test if the effect is not related to placebo, the patients with dementia were given this drug called nabilone for a certain period of time and later replaced with placebo. It was found out that the agitation was improved by a significant margin in the patients that took the drug as compared to the placebo. The drug also evidently improved some other symptoms such as the behavioral symptoms. Even then, the people are advised not to try marijuana with patients with dementia, at home.

In other news related to the cannabis, despite the government of UK accepting the multiple benefits of the cannabis, the patients with medical cannabis can still very well be criminalized it seems. The government is hoping to maintain a complex balance in this situation that needs proper consideration.

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