Samsung Becomes Dominator In India After Overtaking Xiaomi

The battle to get the bulk of handset market share in one of the largest and toughest markets, India, still persists. This time Samsung appears to have won the battle as it has overtaken Xiaomi to claim the leading position in the nation in Q2 of 2018, as per a media report.

Samsung Becomes Dominator In India After Overtaking Xiaomi

The report claims that the handset market returned to its double-digit development by 18% as compared to previous year. On the basis of the recent numbers, Samsung attained 29% share in the market of the country.

This is 5% more than what the tech behemoth of South Korea attained in the same quarter in 2017. Samsung was closely chased by Xiaomi that attained 28%. The Chinese tech behemoth got a huge jump in the past 1 Year. It grabbed 16% of share in Q2 of last year as per the media.

Other 3 Chinese handset companies that took the 3rd, 4th and 5th spot are Vivo, Oppo and Honor. The three companies attained 3%, 10% and 12% in the descending order. While Honor shifted up from 1% in Q2 of last year, Oppo remained flat with 10%, and Vivo declined by 1%. The “Others” section grabbed the rest of the 18%.

Also cited was that the lading 5 brand together took charge of 82% of the entire smartphone industry, of which Honor (188%), OnePlus (284%), and Xiaomi (112%) were the quickest developing brands yearly.

As volume share of the leading 5 companies increased more than 80%, smaller & local companies were aimed to modify their strategy that comprised changing product strategy and channels.

Speaking of Xiaomi, the company recently rolled out its new Android One handset Mi A2 in Spain at an event. The firm has now disclosed the launch date in India for the handset. As posted by the firm, the Xiaomi Mi A2 will roll out on August 8, 2018, in India.

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