Twitter Stops Access For 143,000 Applications In New Concentrated Effort

This week Twitter claimed that it had eliminated over 143,000 applications from the messaging platform since April. This comes in a fresh onslaught on “nasty” activity from automated accounts.

Twitter Stops Access For 143,000 Applications In New Concentrated Effort

The San Francisco-located social media claimed that it was tightening authorization to its APIs (application programming interfaces) that permit developers to create automated posts on Twitter.

“We are pledged to offering authorization to developers to our platform whose services & products make Twitter a better place to hang,” claimed Rob Johnson, senior product management director at Twitter, to the media in an interview.

“On the other hand, recognizing the hurdles faced by the public and Twitter (from malicious & spam automation to invasions & surveillance of privacy), we are taking extra measures to make sure that our developer platform operates in service of the general health of charts on Twitter.”

Johnson provided no data on the revoked applications, but Twitter has been below stress over “bots” or automated accounts, which falsely amplify a political cause or person and spread misinformation.

“We do not bear the employment of our APIs to manipulate conversations, create spam, or invade the privacy of users employing Twitter,” he claimed.

“We are carrying on investing in developing out enhanced processes and tools to assist us curb malicious applications more efficiently & faster.”

As of this week, any developer looking for access to generate a Twitter application will have to go via a new process for application, offering details of how they will employ the platform.

Speaking of social media, Yahoo Messenger was lastly stopped earlier on July 17, 2018. The day witnessed fans mourning the conclusion by taking on to online social media platforms such as WhatsApp and Twitter to remember good old memories. Founded 20 Years back in 1998, the messenger was the first experience of world wide web for the kids in 90s era.

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