Trump To Offer $12 Billion For Farmers Hurt By Trade War

The Trump administration has decided to navigate its enlarged trade war. The administration is getting ready to meet up with the top European Union executive. This meeting will be focused on defusing a clash over auto tariffs. It will also offer $12 Billion in support to the farmers in America who are harmed because of the retaliatory measures from China.

Trump To Offer $12 Billion For Farmers Hurt By Trade War

Recently, Trump had tweeted that these tariffs are supreme. He also had stated that the hard approach of the Trump administration for trade was the reason for pushing various partners, such as the EU, to come to discuss the same. The motive of this discussion was the cost of his tariffs and pressures are responsible for causing the increased economic pain at home. It was also creating a regional political issue for the president.

Trump administration on Tuesday announced a $12-billion plan to lessen the pain and support the farmers who were suffering because of the retaliatory tariffs.

This help is mainly offered to the farmers from Midwest who produce soybean, wheat, cotton, hogs sorghum, corn, and dairy exports. With the exception of dairy, California also may be offered some advantage of the direct-payment programs that are enhanced in the Trump package. Farmers from California might get this benefit as they have a tendency to cultivate specialty crops such as fruits and nuts.

On a similar note, recently, the Trump administration stated that about 463 immigrant parents separated from their children may have been deported. These parents were parted because of the zero-tolerance policy of the U.S. Government, which is applicable for illegal border crossers. On Tuesday, the Justice Department lawyers stated in court that they are independently assessing those cases to verify the number of parents who were deported or willingly left the country without taking their children with them.

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