Amazon Is Cancelling The Echo Spot Orders That Were Offered For Free

Whoever saw the price of Amazon’s Echo Spot a few days ago, which was listed at $0.00, would’ve thought there is some technical glitch, at first. But many people who thought that this could be legit, and that the product could actually be available for free, everyone knew that this is not going to last for long. The result? The device went out of stock in the blink of an eye. The price has now gone back up at $129 and the surprisingly unbelievable deal has ended.

Amazon Is Cancelling The Echo Spot Orders That Were Offered For Free

But for everyone who thought that they got the device for free, there is a bad news. The company is getting back to the customers saying that the price was incorrectly listed and that the order for the Amazon Echo Spot cannot be fulfilled.  The company has tried to settle the situation with nothing more than a formal apology.

The users have now started reporting that the company has started canceling the orders from its end that were placed within the window. It is certainly not a blank cancellation but the long time that is being taken can be possibly because of a large number of orders that were placed. Along with that, the variant of the device which was available in white is now made currently unavailable on the site.

There has been no other response from the company regarding what the actual issue was. It would be now interesting to see what the company plans to do for the customers that were left dissatisfied.

Speaking of Amazon, it was observed that some of the reviews on the site are too good to be true, in not one but many cases. It seems like most of the reviews are paid reviews and are quite smartly done while being undetected from Amazon’s algorithms.

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