A Professional Paid API For Funds And Developers Introduced By CoinMarketCap

CoinMarketCap.com, a Crypto data tracker has introduced a paid API attributed to funds and developers.

The development of the new product is attributed to serving as a key process that will offer sorted and accurate data for developers and funds across market capitalization, crypto product prices, and conversions.

According to the announcement done by the new features provided at a fee and tiered amid hobbyist, access starts from $79 per month, while a professional contract starts at $699 per month. The professional contract option is considered as best scaling projects and provides historical data of five years.

The company offers its new API as a retort to the crypto products diversification and rising number of investment done by institutional funds in the emerging industry. The project also underlines that the API has gone through a beta testing for a month, before the actual launch by users.

The API is also efficient enough to track the derivatives of the crypto market, with the backing of OTC, futures, and options exchanges.

Previously in this month, CMC declared its plan about bringing in major changes to its listing method of exchange on the grounds of concerns associated with distorted trade volume data. The volume data attributed to the site issues to both “artificial volumes”, that is adept by a certain player in the space and “transaction fee mining”, which is highly adopted by some exchanges.

About 5 Years old CMC has seen some drastic growth reporting more than 60 Million unique visits from Jan–May of this year. The company is also constantly working on the rebranding of its product.

CoinMarketCap is making some major modifications to its listing methods in exchanges. Till July, the site has removed the minimum volume requirement that it had been using to restrain the number of site-listed exchanges.

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