Facebook Launches Its Digital Literacy Library

Facebook recently announced that it is rolling out the latest set of its educational resources called the Digital Literacy Library. It also asserted that the latest resources are aimed at assisting youth to think decisively as well as presenting themselves thoughtfully online.

Facebook Launches Its Digital Literacy Library

The latest site, Digital Literacy Library, is focused at educationalists for children in the age group of 11–18. This site will deal with various topics such as identity exploration, security, privacy, reputation, safety, wellbeing, and so on.

While discussing the necessity of the digital literacy, the company pointed out that there are about 830 Million individuals representing the young generation online. Further, the social media firm asserted that because of the lack of digital literacy, this young generation is at risk to believe that the fraud, wrong, or fake information is correct.

Many people use insecure apps and also put their personal data at risk by sharing them online. They are not aware that they should protect their online information, which can put them in real-life consequences if not handled carefully. Conversely, the company also asserted that a number of teachers today need to know about the educational resources. These resources would allow them to teach a digital literacy program in their classrooms, or in any other informal environment.

Facebook stated that the lesson plans in the latest library are not designed by the company itself. But these plans were taken out from the Youth and Media team at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University.

On a similar note, recently Facebook proclaimed that it is rolling out its latest advertising offerings. These offerings are specially intended for app marketers. The company announced this launch on Friday at the huge gaming conference called ChinaJoy. Now, Facebook has made available playable ads on the global platform of its news feed.

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