$1 Trillion Mark Hit But Cook Says Financial Results Are Not Everything

Tim Cook thanks employees for hitting the trillion dollar target.

Tim Cook has thanked his 120,000 employees through a memo for crossing another milestone for the company. The market value has crossed $1 trillion and he says he is glad that the company was able to achieve it.

Months of speculations have passed and analysts kept speculating on which company would hit the $1 trillion milestones first, Apple or Amazon.

But Apple has done it today. Apple has crossed the $1 trillion milestones. The share price which was $207.39 at the close, is now valued at $1 trillion.

Cook says that the good financial returns are part of Apple’s innovation. He adds that financial achievements are by-products of Apple’s innovative efforts but is not the ultimate measure of success.

We should put the products of the company and its customers first, say, Cook. By customers, Cook denotes the employees at Apple.

Cook thanks his employees and appreciates their work. He also thanks the business partners of Apple and its suppliers.

Cook thanks the employees for their dedication and their passion towards reaching the goals of Apple. He further adds that it is a privilege to work along with the team of workers.

Cook referred to Steve, the founder of Apple.

Steve believed that human creativity could solve challenges. According to Steve, Apple believes that its products would be able to empower people around the world so that they can enjoy and enrich their lives with it.

Cook says that Steve always considered the future of Apple and the work to be accomplished for its success.

What got us there is important and where we are going next is also important, adds Cook. The milestone is not the only measure of success, and Apple should continue to innovate, just as Steve envisaged his company to perform.

Being true to values and putting customers and products first is important, says Cook.

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