Pharma Companies Pile Medicines Ahead Of Brexit

Two of the pharmacy giants are stocking their medicine supply in order to brace for the speculated hardships post the Brexit. Sanofi from France and Novartis from Switzerland are stocking in order to offer a sufficient supply of the medicines.

Sanofi is worried about the delays in the transport as a result of Brexit as it is the prime supplier of insulin across the globe.

The uncertain condition of the Brexit negotiation has imposed a serious threat on the firms. According to the Managing Director of Sanofi UK, Hugo Fry, his firm is preparing for the scenarios that may occur if the negotiation ends up in a no deal. The same has been suggested by the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations.

Hugo Fry also added that the primary concern of the firm is to offer an unparalleled support to the safety of the patients. In order to serve them in the most appropriate manner, he has made proper arrangements so that they never fall short of the medicines.

Since a major portion of the supply for Sanofi comes in the country via the Channel Tunnel, the firm has already built up a supply, enough to support 4 weeks demand. The time period was decided as back in 2005, this path was disrupted due to the strike in France, which resulted in the disruption of 4 weeks supply.

Another threat imposed on the company is the need to send the medicines to the continent in order to confirm the quality control. This activity may get disturbed as a result of Brexit. This will also compel the functions of quality control, which used to get accomplished in Suffolk, to be conducted in the 27 countries of the European Union, leading to the loss of jobs. However, Sanofi is putting its endless endeavor in curbing the concerns the people are about to encounter.

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