Strange Signal Picked Up By New Radio Telescope From Space

A new radio telescope positioned in Canada recently recorded a bizarre gesture from deep space. CHIME, or the Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment, is situated in British Columbia and supervises for signals coming from the outer space.

Strange Signal Picked Up By New Radio Telescope From Space

BGR mentioned that the reception of the signal was disclosed in a new press release from The Astronomer’s Telegram and occurred on July 25. This CHIME project is distinctive as it has a rapid survey instrument that can hunt for the FRBs (Fast Radio Bursts) in real time over an instantaneous view field of about 200 square degrees.

The telescope noticed an FRB that is exceptional as the origins are entirely unidentified. The basis that this FRB, dubbed FRB 180725A, is so unique is it had a frequency as lower as 580 Mhz. So far, no FRB has been recognized with a frequency less than 700 MHz, according to the Telegram.

The bulletin mentions that additional FRBs have been discovered in the last week or so, following the unique detection, that has flux at frequencies as less as 400 MHz.

CHIME’s Project Manager and the Astronomer’s Telegram report’s author, Patrick Boyle, said, “These incidents have taken place during both the night & day and their arrival times aren’t linked to recognized on-site actions or other known origins.”

As per the researcher at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Avi Loeb, the scientists haven’t been capable of identifying an origin so far for any of the FRBs. He said, “An artificial source is worth considering and verifying.”

Recently, a super radio telescope was unveiled by South Africa, a first stage of what will be the biggest telescope in the world, which will attempt to resolve the mysteries of the Universe. When fully functional, the SKA telescope will be 50x more potent than any other telescope across the world.

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