Elon Musk Tweeted About Building A Tesla Mini Car For Adults

The CEO of Tesla, during a show called “Is Elon Musk Joking?” shared that the company is currently working on mini-Tesla for the adult consumers.

The CEO generally tweet the things which at first sounds crazy and sounded like jokes at first but become the biggest news of the moment.

Elon Musk Tweeted About Building A Tesla Mini Car For Adults

Whether it be a tweet about Tesla Roadster launch and actually executed it or it is about starting its very own old school styles, roller skates & rock restaurant in Los Angles and suddenly the news break that Tesla has acquired the place for the restaurant.

And now he tweeted about working on making a Tesla mini-car for the adults.

The Twitter user was asking regarding the toy car Model X Radio Flyer. The toy builders have built a Tesla Model S, but the company never launched a Model X version.

Despite answering the inquiry, the Tesla CEO tweeted that the company is currently working on building a Tesla mini-car, which is designed that can make the adults squeeze into it.

The existing toy car which is rated for children of age 3 — 8 with a weight capacity of 81 pounds, priced for $500, has a standard battery unit of 13Wh, that can easily change with a 190Wh battery which is available at an additional cost of $60.

As discussed earlier, introducing a toy car is a great way to make kids a fan of Tesla vehicle and an admirer of electronic vehicles during their childhood. The vehicle charged just as a normal EV that makes the model the best way to have a learning experience of EV ownership and charging mechanism.

Now, the tweet is pointing towards the fact that Elon Musk is planning to have a bigger version of it, but the facts like the look of the vehicle or are it fit for an adult to drive are still a mystery.

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