The Increasing Number Of Bitcoin ATMs Across The World Reaches A New High With A Count Of 3,500


While the ATMs that are developed exclusively for the cryptocurrency are not used as widely as in case of the fiat currency; the currency that the government has acknowledged to be a lawful tender but is not actually supported by some sort of physical commodity, these cryptocurrency ATMs are still a popular choice for the consumers in order to sell and buy the cryptocurrency such as bitcoin and others. It is evident from the growing number of ATMs all over the world and the ATM count has just got close to 3,500, which is remarkable in its own way.

This was found after the data published by Coinatmradar, which is actually a lawful authority that basically tracks the bitcoin ATM locations in particular. This data by the authority shed light on the fact that despite the drop in the prices, the rate at which the ATMs are used as well as installed across the world has stayed completely unaffected.

To be exact, there are 3,503 ATMs in total, as of now, and more are being installed. Out of these ATMs, 52.7 percent of the ATMS support altcoins, while 49 percent of these support litecoins and the 32.1 percent of the ATMs support ether. Some of the ATMs support more than one type of cryptocurrency. This count is indeed a huge milestone as the feat has been achieved in just 17 months, since the time the overall bitcoin count was close to 1,000, in the early days of 2017.

The data also showed that while many types of cryptocurrency have emerged in the recent past and competing well, bitcoin is still the best among all the ones available. It is still the dominating cryptocurrency in the entire world as 99.9 percent of all the machines installed support bitcoin.

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