Microsoft Rolls Out Tamil 99 Keyboard For Windows 10

This week Microsoft declared inclusion of Tamil 99. It is the well-liked virtual keyboard in Tamil language. The company announced the keyboard to Windows 10 PCs as fraction of the newest Windows update made accessible from April 2018.

The new functionality operates with both touch as well as hardware keyboards offering one more convenient choice for text input in Tamil. While the Tamil keyboard founded on InScript measures has been accessible since 2010 on different Windows, the Tamil 99 keyboard augments the number of options accessible to users using Windows 10.

Approved and standardized in 1999 by the Government of Tamil Nadu, the layout of Tamil 99 keyboard was generated to assist Tamil consumers’ type in a simpler and faster manner. It is now accessible on Windows 10 to consumers of both Tamil (Sri Lanka) and Tamil (India) languages, thereby helping the broad base of Tamil consumers in India and other nations such as Malaysia, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Singapore, and Mauritius.

“Microsoft is paying attention on empowering everybody by breaking down all language associated hurdles in tech. It has always been our effort to offer consumers computing in domestic languages and allow them to be more creative,” claimed Meetul Patel, COO at Microsoft India, to the media in an interview.

“We are pledged to supporting the national measures for Indian language techs comprising the keyboard layouts in InScript. Including the Tamil 99 keyboard is one more noteworthy step to making computing more available to a big number of consumers,” claimed Patel.

On a related note, the recently launched affordable and portable surface tablet by Microsoft (Surface Go) is now ready to ship. Having an introductory price tag of $399, the Surface Go sports Windows 10, integrated kickstand, and an analogous design to the Surface Pro, as per the firm.

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