Pentagon Challenged By Oracle For The Contract Of Cloud Computing Ahead Of The Bidding

According to the document of bid protest, the Pentagon is challenged by the software company oracle over its decision to select only one company for yet to be given out $10B contract of cloud computing. Oracle has taken up the unprecedented step of protesting much before the seekers of the contract have filed for the bids. It has also alleged that the JEDI has for long been a matter of problem from the beginning.

As per the document of the protest over bidding, Oracle has blamed the Pentagon for its failure in adhering to the regulations in the procurement process and adopting a kind of strategy that might hurt the technological prowess of the United States military. A spokesperson from Oracle said that with the help of evolving and advancing the growing technologies, many innovations are being brought in the next gen cloud services at an impressively unprecedented pace. This bid protest by Oracle is a latest example of the clashes between the bureaucracy of Pentagon and the tech giants over the western coast of the US that are on the hyper edge of the innovations in cloud computing.

At the base of the dispute raised by Oracle lies the question that should the Pentagon be depending over just one company in case of its services related to the cloud computing. The similar approach was followed by the CIA a couple of years ago by feeding $600M contract to Amazon. The pentagon said in an explicit statement that it will be relying over multiple cloud servers for its general overall strategy. However it has decided to go for a single service provider for its JEDI contract. This contract of $10B comes as a much larger opportunity than the past contract between the CIA and Amazon.

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