Twitter Proclaims Alex Jones Did Not Violate Policy, Won’t Be Banned From The Site

Majority of social media sites recently announced that they have banned Alex Jones from their platforms. However, his Twitter accounts are still live. Twitter proclaimed in a statement to USA TODAY that Jones and his related accounts currently are not in breach of Twitter’s rules. Further, it stated that Alex Jones can keep tweeting, for now.

Reportedly, numerous social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts have removed Jones’ shows as well as pages from their platforms. They cited that Jones has breached the policies of these companies against hate speech or graphic content.

Jones is known as a far-right expert and provocateur. He has been criticized for supporting broadly debunked theories. Amongst other things, he had stated that the murders in Sandy Hook Elementary School were staged. He also said that the survivors of the Parkland, Florida high school shooting were actors.

Jones has a large fan following on social media. It includes about 836,000 Twitter followers. YouTube was the most money-making social media channel for Jones. However, the social media decided to remove his content from their site. The reason for the same was he had violated the community standards of the site.

YouTube commented in a statement sent to the USA TODAY that the company terminates the accounts of their users if they violate company policies repeatedly. This includes the number of policies against hate speech and harassment or terms of the company ruling out circumvention of enforcement measures of the company.

On a similar note, lately, numerous companies such as Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Twitter announced that they are teaming up. The latest collaboration was intended to the launch a novel initiative named the Data Transfer Project (DTP). It is proclaimed that the DTP will make the data sharing process simple across services.

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