Google To Allow More App Developers To Offer ‘Instant’ Trials, Among Other Plans This Year

Google has been quite busy in the last few days, owing to the release of the newest version of Android, the Android 9.0, or simply ‘Pie’, and thus the company may finally allow some time to themselves to reflect back on what their platform can consider its biggest successes, while also being able to look into the future and consider the upcoming developments. Purnima Kochikar, Google Play’s director for Apps and Games, has put up a blog post outlining behind-the-scenes achievements of Google Play, while also hinting at offering app developers more “instant” experience in the future.

Kochikar stated that they have ensured a decrease by 65 percent in application sizes over the past year, while also being able to reduce crash occurrences to 70% and increasing Play Store visits by 30%, due to round-the-clock improvements regarding the discovery experience. With the aim to go two steps further, the company plans to offer the Google Play Instant trials to its app developers, which allows users to test out the application before installing it, which is a top priority, as well as helping developers connect deeply with their audiences. The company also plans to improve machine learning, which offers personalized suggestions on Play Store, for improving the bond between developer and user. Additionally, it plans to improve app quality as well as security, while also offering an expanded commerce platform. In addition to the 150 countries where it collects payments, Google is planning an imminent launch of this feature in countries of Africa and Latin America, such as Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Peru and Colombia.

Meanwhile, with a view to offering a better connect to celebrities with their fans and audience, Google has launched ‘Cameo’, a new video application, which lets celebrities answer questions about themselves which are most popular on the internet. These responses are then added in Google’s Search results. The application is the extension of a program that Google launched last year, which involved celebrities such as Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell to answer user questions from Google. The app is currently available only on the iPhone.

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