Cancer Patient Wins Lawsuit Against A Chemical Company; Gets $289 Million As Compensation


In an incident which will revive the trust of the people in the judiciary system, a jury in San Francisco ordered Monsanto, a chemical company, to pay the man who claims to have got cancer by using the roundup weed killer made by the same company, a whopping $289 million as compensation. The 46-year-old man named Dewayne Johnson is a school groundskeeper and a resident of Bay Area. The man won the lawsuit on Friday after three days of serious deliberation, while he keeps battling non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Robert F. Kennedy Jr., one of the lawyers of the man in the picture, said that this decision should send a strong message, as far as the company’s boardroom is concerned.

He also said that the company Monsanto acted with oppression and malice while knowing what they were doing was completely wrong and still chose to do it with absolute disregard for the human life. This lawsuit by the man is the first ever trial case that is accusing the glyphosate herbicides that are present in the weed killers of being potentially cancerous. The glyphosate is the main ingredient in the Roundup and if used properly, it is declared to be totally safe by the Environmental Protection Agency. But in 2015, the cancer research agency at the World Health Organization classified the same herbicide as being probably carcinogenic, i.e., cancer-causing.

The man who is affected with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma said that he sprayed gallons of the Roundup along with other weed killers as many as 30 times a year while being kept in dark about the deadly effects of the same. He also mentioned an incident of the hose that broke, leaving him drenched in the toxic liquid. The man who was diagnosed with the disease in 2014 is expected to live for two more years and became emotional as soon as the judgment was announced in his favor.

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