Google OG Pixel XL Lost It Key Perk WITH Launch Of Pie (Android 9)

There are people who might be concerned about the next phone by Google, especially after the leak which says that Pixel 3 is the device which will sport the biggest notch to date.

But, launching of Android 9 “pie” has created some situation of which Google has to take a note immediately after the launch of new range of handset, as the update has started showing some issues with the charging capability on the Pixel XL.

As per Android Police, the problem was first noticed weeks before by the users testing the beta version of Android P developer. At that point in time, the issue was not such a big concern, as this kind of bugs is expected at the time of unfinished software.

However, after the official launch of Pie (Android 9) last week and the things that rose earlier, which have not been taken care of, makes the owners of Original Pixel Owners started seen irritated and unhappy.

The issue is still intact; however, the owners of Pixel XL are utilizing the charging cable and brick made by Google that comes along with the device, but there is no difference it has, the device is not charging in full-speed, as it should be.

Several users even reported on Reddit that they tried using different charges and cables, restarting their mobile phones and even went to the extent of doing a factory reset to fix the issues, but there is no change.

Now to make it precisely clear, all these things does not mean that it is hard to fix the error, it just means that whatever the issue Google Pixel XL is facing cannot be dealt with a mere patch on Android. Instead, the issue now will fall upon the Google Pixel Team than on the Android engineer team of Google to Find out the issue and suggest an effective solution to it.

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