Google Halts Chrome Os 68 Update After Issues On Some Chromebooks

Chrome underwent some significant changes with its features and designs with the arrival of the Chrome OS 68 earlier this August, offering settings for Display Size, some new accessibility tools, as well as certain design changes. However, Google has been forced to halt the update, due to problems cropping up with the Wi-Fi on certain Chromebook devices. Certain devices are still on the previous version of OS 67, and it is confirmed that after reverting to the version 67 from OS 68 and trying to update again, the Chrome OS page displays that the Chromebook is updated.

Connectivity issues have forced Google to pull down the update, and the users, especially on the enterprise networks, have reported that “Wi-Fi connections stopped working after update”, due to the support for 802.11r that was recently added. Chrome is currently investigating as to which devices have been affected, as well as whether the problem is only being observed on Chromebooks with Wi-Fi chips which are not of Intel, in which case it may restart to push the update on certain devices. Another alternative is to roll back the support for 802.11r, however, in a way that it does not affect education devices, as the school season starts soon. Users facing connectivity issues on OS 68 should reboot their device in order to start reverting to the previous version, after which, on the page for sign-in, they should press “Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R” to bring up the “Reset this Chrome device” prompt.

Meanwhile, Google, which had launched its Google Voice service as a part of its business-oriented product suite earlier this summer, did not make any sufficient updates or tweaks for some time, till now. Google Voice has recently received an update on the iOS, which includes a new icon, some reorganization, as well as a do not disturb feature. This includes the addition of contacts tab at the bottom. Also, the do not disturb feature has been added as part of the integration of Google Voice with G Suite. Now, if the user has set the working hours on Google Calendar, then G Suite can be set up to active do not disturb automatically during the time that the user is not at work. The update is right now available only on iOS; however, some people have mentioned its availability on Android too, although not yet widely available.

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