Google One Offer Cheap Cloud Storage to Individuals and Business

“Google Drive is apparently going to be replaced by Google One.”

Google One was launched earlier this year, a service that promises to offer 2 TB of cloud storage at around 50% less price than Google Drive. Now the users can subscribe of its service.

The change in the offer that the company is providing for its cloud storage is what making the product to stand in a competition with Apple’s cloud storage service.

All the Apple device owners has the alternative of choosing Google One that is integrated in the macOS and iOS in some manner, but not as close as the iCloud of Apple for obvious reasons.

Few weeks earlier, the users who subscribed for the monthly plan for Google’s cloud storage which costs $9.99 as subscription fees can see that there limit has been increased from 1TB to 2TB. And the new customers can directly subscribe for 2TB plan or the users has an alternative of subscribing for a newly launched 200GB plan which costs around $2.99 per month.

There has been no change in the subscription for the basic 100GB plan offer by the company; it will remain $1.99 per month as well as Google is still offering 15 GB of storage for free to its users.

The movement towards becoming Google One from Google Drive is still in progress. On the other hand, the iOS Drive has the same old plan and pricing and even there is no option of Google One App.

As well as, iCloud services is a little bit chintzy when it comes to offering free storage, it just offer 5GB which is almost 66% less than Google’s free storage option. This is where Apple lacks, especially when the user needs to own an Apple device to use iCloud Services, and there is no compulsion of device when it comes to Google one.

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