Now You Can Use Skype To Text From PC, Thanks To SMS Connect


Microsoft was behind in yet another aspect of texting from the PC, as compared to its major competitors, till now. The iOS already had made the same possible with iMessage and Android too had a large number of applications available which could do the job which include MightyText. But Microsoft, while coping up with the problems related to the OS dominance by the other two widely used operating systems, seems to have at least decided to level up with the competitors in one aspect and that is texting from the computer. This is a great news for the users as they can get one more platform to do the same.

It was revealed after a post one this blog called Windows Italia said that if the future of Skype is considered, one of the most important features that the company is actually working on is the ability to send as well as receive the text messages by using Skype.

This new feature that is in process is actually called as SMS Connect, and it can be seen in the Android app of Skype, in the preview settings of the same. But only the preview of this feature is available on the app and it cannot be activated at this point of time. But whenever it is released, it is indeed going to be of a huge benefit for the users all over the world as many things will be made easier with the launch of the same.

Only the mobile app is not available as of now but the desktop version of Skype seems to have the SMS Connect feature available for the users but some users have reported some issues with the same. In terms of the mobile app, neither of Microsoft and Skype has said anything about the date of the launch yet.

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