Amazon Pushes Itself To The Healthcare Section By Hiring The Star Cardiologist

In an announcement made by the star cardiologist, who is the director of the Healthcare Transformation Lab at Massachusetts General Hospital, Maulik Majmudar said that he is going to have a challenging and exciting position at the Amazon. Neither Maulik nor Amazon has made a descriptive statement regarding their roles at the company. However, experts are saying that it is most likely that Amazon would start off with its long rumored to start the pharmaceuticals business.

In June Amazon released a statement saying that the company is in the process of acquiring the online pharmacy platform PillPack, as it has its licenses in all 50 states. The Amazon is likely to provide drugs to the patient in a pre-ordered basis and which would be sorted to have a measure of the dose; it would be easier and convenient for the customers to multiple doses in a single day as per their prescription.

This move of Amazon to extend it a sector of business if performed well then, the company would easily achieve the target of getting in to the bracket of USD 1 trillion company. Experts say looking into the past records of Amazon, which is very good and the number of acquisitions the company is making to expand the horizon of its business is likely to make the company in the bracket of USD 1trillion.

Maulik has long been working on the collaboration of the pharmaceuticals and the technology at the Healthcare Transformation Lab, to improve the experience and constantly add value to the healthcare sector and provide the most out of the innovation to the patients. Maulik is also a visiting faculty to the Massachusetts Institute of technology and an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School. He is also providing advice to the startup which is focusing on having the capability to monitor patients remotely, which ultimately helps in healthcare Data Mining. Maulik expertise could be used in Amazon very wisely considering the fact he has a good experience in the required field.

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