Risk Of Cancer Causes Rise In The Overall Recall Of Blood Pressure Medicines


Due to the increasing risk of cancer, the medicines used for managing blood pressure have already been recalled in the past. But now, after the situation seemed to be under control, it seems that the recall of the medicines has expanded again, owing to the same factors. On Monday, Aug 20, the United States Food and Drug Administration declared the news saying the high-blood pressure medicines that mainly contain valsartan which is linked to the risk of causing cancer are observing a rise in the widespread recall, again.

The FDA also said in a news release, in its newest update, that it recently found the presence of NDMA in some medicines that contain valsartan, in Torrent Pharmaceutical Limited. But interestingly, not all the products that contain valsartan are being actually recalled, as far as the United States region is concerned. The last recall was actually announced nearly a month ago, on July 13, after carcinogenic substances were found in some of the valsartan-containing drugs.

NDMA, which was found in the medicines, is already classified as a carcinogen, i.e., a substance that causes cancer, according an international research agency specializing in cancer. It is actually described as an environmental contaminant and is mostly found in water in the foods like dairy products, vegetable products, and meat, among others.

This NDMA was found in not one but many batches of valsartan tablets that were manufactured by Zheijiang Huahai Pharmaceuticals and Hetero Labs Limited. The FDA is telling the patients to continue taking their medicines till a replacement is given by their doctor or the pharmacist, or until an altogether different treatment optioned is proposed, as not all of these tablets contain NDMA so the doctors can prescribe different medicines as well for the treatment of the same condition, till the situation is under control completely.

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